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Zurich nightlife

Zurich, known as the financial center of Switzerland and located at Lake Zurich, has emerged the last decennium into a fascinating travel destination. This is mainly due the liberalization of for example the party and culture sector, but also due to the increasing variety of nationalities living in this amazing city. This resulted in a nice mixture of restaurants, bars and clubs all over the city.


Walking from Paradeplatz, crossing the river Limmat heading to the Old Town, paved with nice cobble-stone streets, is a nice stroll with some amazing views, nice restaurants and bars to drink a beer. Another tip is to walk a little but further than the Old Town, uphill to the University. There are some nice buildings and gives an amazing view over the city.


At night, Zurich has a lot to offer as well. There is a wide variety of clubs, and possibilities to party every night. The most well known place for clubs is in Zurich West (district 5), but do not forget the other parts of Zurich. For example, along the Langstrasse new bars are opening and the distict in which the Langstrasse is situated is becoming more fancy as well.

Top 5 clubs in Zurich

  • Luxurious & Trendy
  • Electronic & Underground
  • Fun dance & Easy going
  • Event driven
  1. 1

    Club Supermarket

  2. 2

    Club Alte Borse

  3. 3

    Club Hive

  4. 4

    Club Zukunft

  5. 5

    Club Kaufleuten

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Zurich's Clubs

  1. Club Supermarket

    Geroldstrasse 17, 8005
  2. Club Alte Borse

    Bleicherweg 5, 8001
  3. Club Hive

    Geroldstrasse 5, 8005
  4. Club Zukunft

    Dienerstrasse 33, 8004
  5. Club Kaufleuten

    Pelikanstrasse 18, 8001

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